Sunday 12 October 2014

Ethy's new pj bottoms

Sorry I've been away for a while!  Life gets a bit hectic now and again and doesn't leave you with much time to sew!

Well I've gone and got myself the Toyota Super Jeans 15 sewing machine as I wanted a heavy duty machine to withstand my new hobby of wanting to make clothes and to take up jeans lol!

My first sewing project on my new beastie was the lovely football themed pj's for my eldest son Ethan and he was so excited to get them on and has constantly worn them since 2pm this afternoon and he is in bed now with them on bless him

I'd used the Simplicity 2742 pattern which I picked up for a £1 in a sewing shop in Doncaster and the cotton fabric that is 60" wide was a steal from leeds market at 4.95 for 1 metre! So I was definitely onto a winner here

Have a fabulous weekend!

Sal x


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